What #Each for Equal means to us for International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day celebrations are all around recognising what actions we can take as individuals to fight prejudice and challenge stereotypes, as well as celebrate female achievements.

As a small coaching company, we like to think we do our fair share!  Here are some examples of how our coaching work promotes #Each for Equal for both individual employees and for organisations:

  • We work with HR to role model mums who come back to work and inspire others with a great example of healthy work/family balance; we also encourage the role modelling of those dads who take Shared Parental Leave – even if they may be the first in their organisation or department to do so
  • Our career development coaching supports both mums and dads equally and encourages them to think about their roles as mothers and fathers, as well as future leaders
  • Our coaching sessions often focus on self-organisation away from work – so that childcare and household chores are shared equally
  • We celebrate International Men’s Day every year on 19th November in the same way we celebrate women on 8th March
  • We work with leaders to ensure they can confidently and proactively lead agile and flexible teams – we ensure all leaders are aware that most employees now value and need flexibility over and above pay and other professional perks

We have always believed that if you want a flower to flourish, you need to treat the environment it is growing in first: by working at a cultural level with leaders, line managers and dads too, we promote the IWD message of ‘forging inclusive workplaces so women thrive.’

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