Top 10 tips – how to work flexibly

1 - Confidence is crucial – see yourself as a ‘powerful part-timer’

2 - Don’t obsess about the detail; apply the 80:20 principle to most things you do – aim to get most things 80% right

3 - Feeling guilty is a waste of energy.  Remind yourself why you made the decision to work part-time and think of the benefits.  Then let it go

4 - Every day, identify your top 3 ‘must do’s’ before you go home, then do them first.  Do not have more than 3, it’s not about a demotivating ‘to-do’ list, it’s about forcing you to prioritise

5 - Use your days away from the office wisely.  If you have chosen to work flexibly to spend more time with your family, make sure you do that!

6 - Work harder on your visibility than you did before you were part-time; make more effort to see the people you need to see face to face when you are in the office

7 - Stay connected.  People like to know you being productive when you are working remotely so keep on top of emails and return voicemails promptly

8 - Revise your objectives with your manager to fit your new working pattern; set a trial period and keep reviewing your progress, agreeing changes to workload when appropriate

9 - Find a positive, happy part-time role model, buddy, coach or friend.  Meet regularly to give each other a boost, especially when you are having a bad day

10 - Look after yourself.  Yes, joining a gym would be great, but just take time to get the basics right first – good food, sleep, plenty of water and fresh air.  If you fall down so will the rest of the family so don’t feel selfish for getting it right for yourself

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