Kevin Davidson

Kevin Davidson

    Kevin Davidson

    Professional Coach

    Kevin is an accomplished leader within the international executive search industry. Through this and his keen interest in psychology, he has developed a passion for executive coaching and is a graduate (with distinction) of the Meyler Campbell Mastered Business Coaching Programme.

    Having built two international executive search firms over the past 16 years, Kevin has significant experience in people development and leadership. He is based in London and also runs business operations in Houston (USA) and Aberdeen (Scotland). He grew up in Scotland and has also lived in West Africa and the US. With three girls aged 6, 4 and 2, Kevin is very aware of the balancing act required to thrive as a parent and as a professional.

    Kevin is particularly interested in coaching individuals around career development, career transition and dealing with specific challenges such as prioritising use of time, managing key relationships, building the right team (and using it well), building confidence, raising self-awareness, and understanding and improving one’s impact. The added dimension of maintaining a healthy work / life balance in an ever more pressurised world is central to all of his coaching work.

    As part of the Meyler Campbell Mastered programme, Kevin elected to write his essay on parenting and the application of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment in a family context. His work was selected as one of 20 from over 600 submissions in the past 20 years to be published by Meyler Campbell in 2019.

    Kevin has worked on leadership development initiatives with over 100 companies around the world including Schlumberger, BP and Chevron. He is also a qualified Non-Executive Director.

    Given his career and personal background, Kevin is very attuned to the human capital dynamics of business and is comfortable working with clients from diverse backgrounds He has a very relaxed style and his approach to coaching is very client centred.

    ‘Working with Kevin has helped me enormously to achieve balance in my professional and personal life. I always felt like I was not delivering on all of my responsibilities; as a husband, father, employee or leader and that is not to mention responsibility for myself and my own physical and mental wellbeing. If I just had a few extra hours in every day…
    Kevin’s coaching has provided me time to reflect, balance priorities and achieve greater focus.  It is still tough to get on top of everything, but I am far more realistic and fair on myself.  Most importantly I am more productive and am getting joy once again from even the most intense periods of life.’