Jeraldine Curran

Jeraldine Curran

    Jeraldine is the founder of The Food Nutritionist. She is a qualified and experienced nutritional consultant who works with individuals and organisations to improve health and wellbeing.

    The Food Nutritionist’s story began many years ago when her youngest son took a bite of a chocolate bar and ended up in A&E, fighting for his life. She had the realisation that ‘If what we eat is so powerful that it could potentially kill us, I need to find out more about food to help keep my son safe.’

    After having children Jeraldine left her job in the airline industry and retrained as a fitness instructor: ‘my concern has always been about staying fit, however, this event changed everything and gave me an understanding that food is fundamentally the most important thing in our lives.’

    So began a life journey of discovery to find out more about food and nutrition, along with a transition from full time mum and fitness instructor to nutritional therapist and onto a nutritional consultant. Her qualifications began with a diploma, then a BSc in Nutritional Therapy and on to undertaking an MSc in Nutritional Medicine which she will complete this year.

    She now runs clinics and workshops as well as writing for various magazines and newspapers including the Daily Mail – alongside running events supporting nutrition and lifestyle in the workplace. Others services include pregnancy packages; which incorporate preconception, pregnancy or postnatal care plans; helping couples to conceive naturally; along with providing a bespoke service tailored to individual requirements.