Mentor: someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

Our parent mentoring programme is run in small discussion groups over a period of approximately 4 months, either face to face or virtually. The workshops will equip a group of parent mentors with the skills and confidence they need to effectively mentor someone through the parental-transition and beyond.

The workshops will cover:

  • The skills needed to become an effective parent mentor
  • Assessing your own skills and readiness to become a parent mentor
  • Preparing your mentor profile; planning the first meeting: contracting, setting objectives
  • How to deal with specific concerns and common questions at each stage of the process – expectancy, leave and returning to work – with lots of skills practice and feedback from the coaches

Business Benefits

  • Having an internal pool of parent mentors means that parents are supported whenever they need help; confidence is boosted and they develop a longer-term career perspective
  • Networks are built and relationships strengthened; learning and experiences are shared

Case Study

We worked with a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company, to launch their parent-mentoring scheme. For several weeks, we worked together to design the programme and then facilitated several small groups through our 2-part mentoring workshops, which gave the mentors the skills and confidence they needed to become effective mentors. Our evaluation identified that the participants found the following aspects most useful:

Sharing of experiences; learning how to use specific mentoring tools; role playing (being objective, keeping my focus on the mentee); thinking through the kinds of issues that might arise.