The Parental Leave Portal is a fully-supported online platform, designed to support employees throughout the transition to parenthood. Whether an expectant parent, on parental or adoption leave or a recent returner to work, there are interactive exercises, videos, checklists and case studies.  

Managers have access to their own portal, which focuses on concise, just-in-time support for those who need a refresher on how to best support a team member through their journey to parenthood and their return to work. 

The user experience

  • Individual log-in
  • Company-branded, can be tailored to include links to company policies
  • Access to a huge variety of interactive exercises, tip-sheets, videos, blogs, checklists
  • Information from our Panel of Experts – childcare, sleep, nutrition, finance etc.
  • Accessible on all devices

Benefits to the organisation

  • Cost-effective learning
  • Global reach
  • Ensures mums AND dads feel supported and recognised during challenging times
  • Boosts career management skills and confidence, which can aid return and retention rates
  • Boosts levels of health and wellbeing

Pre-Parental Leave

Offers employees ideas, tools and tips to support the transition at work to parenthood; such as ways to manage change, strengthen relationships at work and devise handover and keeping in touch plans.

Offers managers guidance on how to best communicate with an expectant employee and how to support their physical and mental wellbeing during this period of change.

During Parental Leave

Helps employees re-connect with work in a safe and supportive way, as well as plan the transition back to work. The exercises, articles, videos and audio clips will help employees comprehensively consider all of the return to work options.

Helps managers understand how to partner with their employees in a helpful and supportive way to ensure their team members still feel like a valued part of the team.

Post-Parental Leave

The final module helps to support employees to re-integrate back to work. The tools, ideas, blogs, videos and audios will cover a range of topics from managing emotions, to practical time and career management tools.  

Managers will learn how to ensure their leadership style is catered to the needs of their returner.  It will help them understand how to support career reintegration through case studies of best-practice leadership.