Happy homes, happy employees and high engagement scores go hand in hand… giving your working dads a gentle embrace is an obvious next step for HR leaders to make.

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All our workshops and coaching are tailored for all parents. However, our clients find that it is useful and helpful to recognise the very specific set of challenges faced by working dads. The culture of many organisations means that even during the early days of fatherhood, new dads are still faced with the same pressure to work long hours, despite needing flexibility.

Our 2-hour workshops (face to face or virtual) enable dads at all stages of their parenting journey to network and exchange tips and ideas. We explore the impact of ‘generation daddy’ on working and personal lives and find practical ways to establish a happier balance in the roles of parent and professional.

Business Benefits

Enhanced personal wellbeing and therefore performance.

Increased engagement / productivity and therefore less absenteeism.

Sustains and builds image of being a family-friendly and supportive workplace, attracting new talent.

Case Study

Our remit has been to support an international bank to become a more family-friendly employer. Alongside running our Maternity Coaching Programme, the bank was keen to offer recognition and support to their working dads, so asked us to design and deliver 2-hour New Expectant Dads workshops. Held across lunchtimes to minimise business disruption, the workshops offered a mix of practical information, tips on work/family balance, as well as an opportunity to discuss any concerns or challenges.

We evaluated the average knowledge level of delegates attending the workshop, which was 65% before and 92% afterwards, which shows how much people feel they take away from the sessions. When asked what the delegates would apply following the workshop, example responses were:

  • ‘Time and expectation management’
  • ‘Changes in lifestyle’
  • ‘Policy information’
  • ‘Discussion with boss re flexibility’
  • ‘Preparing my professional role for the changes I will experience’


It was really helpful to hear some honest views from people who already have kids. I also appreciated having the time to think in depth about some of the challenges ahead.

New & Expectant Dads workshop