3-hour, small-group workshops enable networking, informal mentoring and tip-sharing; workshops can be face to face in your office or held virtually. We recommend employees attend all 4 workshops across the period of parental-transition:

Workshop 1

Expectancy and preparing for leave

For pregnant mums, partners and expectant dads. This workshop provides employees with confidence through change, a supportive network and practical ways to prepare for their leave period.

Workshop 2

During parental leave

Held during the latter part of the leave period, this workshop encourages new parents to reconnect with work and colleagues in a safe, supportive environment and to begin to plan their return.

Workshop 3

Working parents

Held during the first 12 weeks back at work to support those employees who have recently returned from leave to be able to confidently and quickly reintegrate into the workplace.

Workshop 4

Managing your career

For anyone, especially parents or those working flexibly, to give employees an opportunity to reassess their career; to think about where they are heading, how they will get there with key tools to support, especially around flexibility, visibility, politics and networking.

Case Study

Working in conjunction with the global diversity team, we designed and launched a bank’s first ever maternity coaching programme. Across the UK, in small groups, we coached more than 50 employees and conducted an evaluation exercise which yielded the following results:

  • Our overall workshop evaluation score was 93%
  • Return rates (of women returning from maternity leave) increased by 4%
  • Retention rates (of women staying after maternity leave) increased by 15%
  • 25% of the employees we spoke to voluntarily said that they would not have returned to work
    following maternity leave if they hadn’t attended our workshops