Becoming a parent is an exciting and wonderful life experience. It can also be incredibly challenging, physically and emotionally, to transition from the role of the professional to a parent and then back again months later. 1-1 parental-transition coaching offers a deep exploration of personal issues surrounding the experience of maternity and paternity at work and enables individuals to confidentially express and then work through the deeper issues and barriers.

Coaching can be offered to employees at any level and at any stage of their parental journey, whether they are taking a year’s maternity leave, 2 weeks paternity leave or Shared Parental Leave. Each session is tailored entirely to the individual’s needs at that time, however, common themes that many choose to explore are: change, boosting confidence, values, strengthening relationships, networks at home and at work, image and visibility, long-term career development and preparation for promotion.

Business Benefits

Supporting new and existing parents through the life event of having a family can boost return and retention rates.

Many companies are revamping their family-support packages to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Enhancing the company’s reputation as being a flexible, family-friendly employer, will attract new talent to the workplace.