Our 2-hour workshops offer the advantage of bringing together small groups of managers from the same organisation to discuss and debate the benefits and challenges of managing parents, carers and those working flexibly. 

Managing Flexibility

This workshop supports managers to understand everything to do with flexibility in their teams; from the process of application through to dealing with specific scenarios. Managers will walk away from the workshop feeling confident that they can support their individual team members, as well as ensure overall team productivity.

Managing Family-Related Leave

This workshop enables managers to focus on providing strong leadership throughout the period of the parental transition.

Case Study

We have worked with a client to deliver flexible working workshops for all their managers. When we first started working with the client, they knew there had been some frustrations expressed at how the existing flexible working process had been managed, so felt it important to support managers in their leadership communication, whilst HR and the leadership team culturally embedded a new flexible working process.

When we asked the delegates in our evaluation what they took away from the workshops, the responses were as follows:

  • It was helpful to meet others in the same situation as them
  • The benefit of having a constructive environment to have their initial doubts about flexible working listened to – and to then be able to start thinking more positively about where they can take personal ownership to improve things
  • Better understanding of the flexible working application process and how to approach specific situations
  • Being able to discuss their own team situations with other managers, to identify new and creative ways of managing flexibility