If you decide to offer 1-1 coaching for your employees, a great way to include managers in focused, supportive conversations is to offer your managers 2 x 3-way 30-minute meetings.

We also offer the option of a personal, confidential 1-1 phone or virtual coaching session with individual managers who have an expectant or returning parent in their team.  This enables managers to discuss the correct process and be able to tailor the coaching support to their specific needs at that time.

Business Benefits

Opens up communication channels between employees and managers

Enables constructive and objective conversations to occur, which often result in specific take-away actions

Allows concerns to be aired which otherwise may lead to resentment and/or HR involvement in the future


Having my manager attend an extra session after my coaching really helped me to open up about some of the concerns I had around client allocation on my return to work.  It made me focus on what I really needed to be successful