'A survey of over 1500 working mums confirmed that 33% of respondents reported concern about the attitude of their boss as being one of the main worries about returning to work'
National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

For clients wishing to support a cultural change towards family-friendliness, Manager Support workshops are particularly important to the overall success of implementing a supportive culture.

We support managers who are managing a team member through family-related leave, return and beyond. Managers play a crucial role in ensuring the success and happiness of a returner. Our 1 and 2-hour workshops enable managers to discuss case studies and scenarios, helping them answer their questions and concerns around managing this challenging period in a team member’s career.

Business Benefits:

  • Clear cultural message that work/family balance is supported
  • Less chance of miscommunication and discrimination
  • Increased return and retention rates of parents experiencing family-related leave
Case Study:

One of our banking clients invites all line managers currently managing employees through expectancy, leave and return to work, to a 2-hour lunchtime workshop. From a company perspective, this not only ensures the creation of a supportive culture, it also minimises the chance of mis-communication which could lead to legal issues.  Many companies see this as a risk- and reputation- management intervention.

When asked which elements of the workshop the line managers found most useful, responses ranged from 'pre-return aspects of managing maternity; explaining the policy and understanding the mechanics of the process

'I now understand how to communicate with my team members through maternity / paternity'


30-minute online module which can be completed anytime to suit the manager. Gives a comprehensive understanding of what to say and do at each stage of the maternity cycle.

Full Module

Business Benefits:

  • It's flexible and timely: the online module is accessible via your website, 24 hours a day, from home or work
  • It's productive: the content is concise and interactive, enabling line managers to rapidly understand the key issues and therefore make important, instant changes to the way they communicate with their team members
  • It can be evaluated: you can track who has completed the module
  • If budgets are restricted, the module is more cost-effective per person than a workshop
  • The module can be tailored to include company-specific policies or case studies. You can also choose to offer a face to face 1-hour workshop in conjunction with the online module to encourage discussion, tips from others and networking
Case Study:
A client has been offering the online learning module to all managers as part of their leadership toolkit.  It is particularly suited to those managers who prefer to learn in their own time.  The client wanted a flexible, self-learning tool, accessible to managers in any location, 24 hours a day.

'A major employer offering 24/7 access to online training found this style of learning was very popular with all staff and had increased demand for on the job development.'


We offer the following 3 workshops:

Working Flexibly
Supports employees who are already working flexibly, or who are thinking about flexible working. The workshop will give them the opportunity to consider all aspects of flexible working - from pre-application through to tips to make flexibility a success.

Managing a Flexible Career
Supports those employees who are already working flexibly and perhaps have been for a while. The workshop will give them the opportunity to consider how they can maximise their enjoyment, productivity and chance of career progression, all whilst working flexibly.

Managing Flexibility
Supports managers to understand everything to do with flexibility in their teams; from the process through to dealing with specific scenarios. Managers will walk away from the workshop feeling confident that they can support their individual team members, as well as ensure overall team productivity.

Business Benefits:

  • Enhancing the company's reputation as being a flexible, family-friendly employer, will attract new talent to the workplace
  • Clear cultural message that flexible working is supported
  • Skill levels are increased
  • Increased motivation and engagement among employees
Case Study:
We regularly work with a client to deliver flexible working workshops for those who are considering or already working flexibly and for their managers. When we first started working with the client, they knew there had been some frustrations expressed at how the flexible working process had been managed, so felt it important to support both managers and employees whilst culturally embedding the new process.

When we asked the delegates what they took away from the workshops, the responses were as follows:

  • It gave them a confidence boost to be reminded about all the positives and strengths that flexible workers can bring to the workplace
  • It was helpful to identify their personal drivers and strengths to make them feel happy in their role
  • Meeting others in the same situation as them
  • The benefit of having a constructive environment to have their frustration about flexible working listened to – and to then be able to start thinking more positively about where they can take personal ownership to improve things
Managers benefited from:
  • Better understanding of the flexible working application process and how to approach specific situations
  • Understanding the emotions of the flexible worker
  • Being able to discuss their own team situations with other managers, to identify new and creative ways of managing flexibility

‘The workshop addressed some of my specific concerns and there were lots of useful discussions. It was great to be reminded of the positive aspects of flexible working’