Lunch & Learn sessions are a quick and effective way of offering high quality learning and development opportunities to employees. This collection of topics will inspire and support your parents, carers and managers. It will also arm them with practical ideas on how to increase personal productivity and wellbeing at work.

Business Benefits

Supporting new and existing parents through the life event of having a family can boost return and retention rates.

Many companies are revamping their family-support packages to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Enhancing the company’s reputation as being a flexible, family-friendly employer, will attract new talent to the workplace.

Case Study

A partner in a UK law firm, who is also head of the internal Family Network, wanted to put on an event to recognise and support the difficulty employees face in getting a healthy work/family balance. We customised a 1-hour lunch and learn event, which was hosted in London and streamed out via VC to their other offices across the UK. Our facilitator, Louise Hallet, who specialises in work and family in balance, shared work/family balance models and tips and focused in on how to get better at personal visibility at work. 97% of attendees said they would like to come to another event with Louise, and when asked what they found most useful, they said:

‘The time that the presenter gave us to discuss topics with our colleagues; this was most helpful as I established that others are in the same position ie. balancing having a successful career as well as a family – I want more of Louise’s advice and guidance – it was fantastic!’


Very useful session, providing practical advice and tips on how to achieve a better work/life balance and juggle parenthood at the same time. An excellent way to impart knowledge in limited time by professionals who really can talk from experience and are committed to empowering others.

HR BP, Financial Services
Staying Ahead of the Game as a Working Parent –
1 hour lunch and learn session

Our Workshops

Reflective Spaces to Strengthen Health, Wellbeing and Resilience

Sleep Strategies for Working Parents – with Maryanne Taylor

Understanding the impact of sleep-deprivation on you as a parent, this session will arm you with practical things you can do to get a better night’s sleep – an essential basic for staying healthy and operational at work.

Resilience through Mindfulness – with Julie Courtney

Learning how to take time out for yourself and practice mindfulness to manage stress levels – you will feel immediately more relaxed following the session and know how to keep this going on your own – another essential for longer-term emotional and physical health

Mental Health and Resilience for Parents & Carers – with Dr Chloe Paidoussis-Mitchell

Resilience is a skill that can be taught. It safeguards Mental and Emotional Health and empowers us all to live a “better” and happier life. Parents and carers in particular need high levels of resilience to stay emotionally strong to take care of their family members, whilst at the same time remaining productive and happy at work

Workshops to Strengthen Self-Awareness & Interpersonal Skills

Work and Family in Balance – with Louise Hallett

Most working parents rarely feel they’ve got the balance right all of the time in the roles of parent and professional. This workshop will give you the time you need to reflect on your values and priorities and create a personal strategy for making immediate and long-term improvements

Managing “Comparisonitis” – with Lavinia Brown

Comparing ourselves to others has become a modern scourge. During this practical and interactive workshop, Lavinia will enable you to break this unhelpful habit by understanding why we are drawn to doing it as well as the alternative steps we can take to boost our self-worth.

Less Frantic and More Fulfilled – with Caroline Laycock

With the gift of smart phones and virtual working, we no longer have to be in the office to do our jobs. This also means more flexibility for our personal commitments which makes work and home lives more blended than ever. While there are many advantages to this modern way of working that we should embrace and be thankful for, it’s tempting to take on too much and this fractious use of time can lead to overwhelm and the sense that ‘life is just too busy!’

Self-Confidence for Working Parents – with Harriet Waley-Cohen

For some people, their confidence is based on external factors such as achievement or validation, which means it is shaky, and for many people confidence can dissolve the moment anything goes wrong. In this talk, participants will be given practical confidence building tools that will make a significant difference to their state of mind, their perception of your abilities, and their ability to activate a high level of confidence throughout the day. It will also show them how to build genuine confidence from the inside out.

4 steps to visibly improved time management – with Andrew Kitton

Do you want a quick boost to your personal effectiveness skills? Delegates will work through 4 systematic steps and exercises to produce their personal time management plan, which can immediately be put into practice.

Are you daring to be you? – with Lavinia Brown

During this fun and interactive workshop, Lavinia will take you through the steps that are necessary for you to work out who is your authentic self. You will learn how to find the courage to share that with others in order to feel aligned and fulfilled at work and at home rather than hiding behind an ill-fitting mask!

Practicing Patience as a Working Dad – with David Willans

Managing the dual role of father and professional is challenging. This workshop will help you reflect on ways to develop more patience at home and make the transition from work to home smoother and calmer

Career Management Workshops to Boost Strategic Skills

Progress, not Perfection – with Harriet Waley-Cohen

Looking at the destructiveness of perfection vs the empowering attitude of progress. The media tells women that they must be slim, successful, ambitious, meditate before dawn and be calm at all times…The ideals that are put forward are unrealistic at best, and perpetuate the toxicity of striving for perfectionism at worst. This has a detrimental effect on women’s confidence, self-esteem, health, happiness, relationships and career. In this talk, different aspects and consequences of perfectionism will be explored

Breaking out of the Comfort Zone – with Rachel Ward

The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Confidence levels change depending on the situations we find ourselves in, but sometimes our mind-set can have a huge impact on what we choose to do or not do. Do we find ourselves saying, “I wish I had” rather than “I wish I hadn’t”? Are we too scared to try for fear of failing? We look at positive ways to build confidence, self-belief and a healthier mind-set

Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome – with Terri Simkins

Ridding ourselves of the dreaded imposter syndrome. The notion of being not good enough and the stress of feeling like you’re just about to get found out can be stressful and draining. The sense that at some point you're going to be exposed as a faker can be crippling to achievement and can cause anxiety and overwork. It's called the impostor phenomenon and we explore where it comes from and how it can be dealt with

Boosting Visibility as a Working Parent – with Louise Hallett

In busy times, we jump into a reactive mode, getting through the day-to-day job lists. However, if we don’t think strategically about how we are viewed at work, and if the right people don’t know what we are doing, it’s hard to get the recognition we need. Learn simple strategies to ensure your good work gets noticed and you remain motivated