‘Manxiety’ and Mental Health Awareness Week 13-17 May

Spending the evening with 3 men who publicly, openly, bravely and authentically shared their life stories and their own personal struggles with anxiety is admittedly not something I experience regularly.

Last month, I attended a panel event, hosted by Abigail Barnes, which involved 3 men talking through the triggers of their anxiety, how this has affected their lives and most importantly, how they have worked to overcome their challenges to be where they are today.

As a mother of 2 sons and living in an all-male household, on a personal level I could immediately identify with the dilemmas these men face:  the conflict between wanting to be who you really are versus society’s expectations of what a successful man is ‘supposed to be like.’

On a professional level, as a coach to mums and dads working in large organisations, I privately see these struggles come to life on a daily basis.  Very sadly this often manifests as intense stress levels and periods of sick leave.  Tragically we are also aware that suicide is the most common cause of male death in the UK.

The panel of 3 shared their anxiety triggers:

  • Uncertainty
  • Being found out
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of doing something wrong
  • Fear of being different, non-conforming to social norms
  • Lack of control
  • Pressure to be accepted – including on social media

We have all struggled with these feelings at some points in our lives – but how often do we admit this and in front of a room full of 60-odd people?

Inspired by the openness to share and recognising how important sharing our fears is to our mental wellbeing, this brings me on to this week:  it’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

At Parent & Professional, we want to build on the need to be authentic at work, in men and women.  To address this, we are hosting a webinar: ‘Human Beings, Human Doing: Putting the human being into the work we do’ and it will be delivered by Sarah Flynn, Coach and Organisational Research Psychologist.

Sarah will present what underpins personal wellbeing and how it in turn supports sustainable performance.   She will share some coaching tools and techniques that will help us to recognise and support our own wellbeing, at work, in teams and at home.

Email us info@pandpcoaching.co.uk for a link to our free webinar on Thursday 16th May 13.00-14.00.

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