Lunch & Learn Ideas for 2019

1-hour Lunch and learn sessions are a quick and effective way of offering high quality learning & development opportunities to employees.  They inspire, bring like-minded people together for networking, and arm employees with practical tips; all delivered by experts in their fields.

For 2019 we have 3 different areas of focus, with several workshop topics for each:

Reflective spaces to strengthen health, wellbeing and resilience:
- Sleep strategies for working parents
- Resilience through mindfulness
- Mental health and resilience for parents and carers
- Image management: parent to professional

Workshops to strengthen self-awareness and interpersonal skills:
- Work and family in balance
- Practicing patience as a working dad
- Less frantic and more fulfilled
- Self-confidence for working parents

Career management workshops to boost strategic skills:
- Progress, not perfection
- Breaking out of the comfort zone
- Overcoming the imposter syndrome
- Boosting visibility as a working parent

Sessions can be delivered face to face or as webinars.

Here is a link to our programme and speakers for 2019:

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Please email or call 07792 543044.

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