Helen Letchfield

Helen Letchfield

Co-Founder & Principal Coach

As a qualified Performance Coach, with 14 years’ experience in learning and development for global organisations, Helen specialises in career, performance and maternity coaching. She is also particularly passionate about supporting coachees to gain the best p...

Henriette Phillips

Henriette Phillips

Co-Founder & Director

Henriette has 12 years’ experience in finance for global organisations. As the co-founder of P&P, she enjoys working on the strategic direction of the company, and she is instrumental in turning business strategy into operational success. Henriette previ...

We first met in 2005 on an NCT ante-natal class.  We quickly became great friends, as we navigated the journey of becoming parents and leaving work to go on maternity leave at the same time. 

Coincidentally, we both had 2 boys, both born just weeks apart!  We both returned to work part-time in London and on our days off we spent many an hour in ball-parks and other toddler-friendly venues asking ourselves the question ‘does everyone find it this hard to combine parenthood with career?’  We both loved being mums, but we also loved our careers. 

However, the lack of support we received in the workplace (in 2 very different sectors) was really quite shocking. Each time we met, we knew we had to do something to help change this organisational culture.

In many cases, women becoming parents were just written off – and the needs of working dads weren’t even on the agenda at all back then!  So after a year of researching, interviewing and planning around our kitchen tables – our parental-transition coaching business was born.

Fast-forward to the present day, we have already helped a lot of organisations become family-friendly, and we have grown to be bigger than we ever hoped.  We are also excited about what the future holds – especially in supporting dads in the same way mums are supported; and in developing organisational leadership skills to embrace the flexibility and inspiration working parents need. We believe our ongoing commitment will continue to help build organisational cultures that realise the potential of all working parents.

Our focus is:

  • To increase health and wellbeing of parents at work
  • To upskill managers’ leadership skills to build cultures that develop and support working parents
  • To increase the number of dads taking Shared Parental Leave
  • To increase the number of people working flexibly and productively
  • To increase the number of women (especially parents) progressing to leadership positions