Our 3-hour workshop will equip your maternity mentors with the skills and confidence they need to effectively mentor someone through maternity. The workshop will cover
  • The skills needed to become an effective maternity mentor
  • Assessing your own skills and readiness to become a maternity mentor
  • How to deal with specific concerns and common questions at each stage of the maternity process - pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work
Business Benefits - New parents are supported whenever they need help; confidence is boosted and women develop a longer-term career perspective - Return and retention rates of those coming back from maternity leave are increased - Networks are built and relationships strengthened; learning and experiences are shared
Case Study We worked with a client to design and facilitate a 3-hour mentoring workshop which gave the mentors the skills and confidence they needed to become effective mentors. This service is offered in addition to the maternity coaching workshops that we run for the employees.
'The workshop enabled me to support others with confidence. It was also really enjoyable!'